Tiny, High Capacity Backup Drive
Ensures a Sick Computer Won't Take You Down
Even on the Road!

I recently received an email SOS from a good friend
who's one of the most brilliant marketing
minds around.

A computer meltdown had left him temporarily
hung out to dry, and he was looking for strategies to
keep running is such a thing happens in the future.

And since your computer is so pivotal to creating
audio, I thought alot of you might want to know the
exact same thing!

One of the best strategies around is a new
generation of high-capacity, highly portable
hard drives.

One of the most interesting is the Pocket Drive
from Seagate -- so-called because it fits in
your pocket. Easy to keep with you. If your
primary machine goes down, simply hook your
Pocket Drive up to a secondary box without
skipping a beat.

Its 5 GB capacity means you can keep a back-up
of your most important files, core applications,
and even versions of your audio products
with you at all times.

The Pocket Drive also uses the speedy new
USB 2.0 connection to ensure fast transfer of
data. Many machines built in the last 2-3 years
feature USB 2.0. If you're on USB 1.0, you
can still use the drive, although the data transfer
will be much slower.

The Pocket Drive is great because you can take it
with you to meetings, on business trips, anywhere.

You'll never again fear a crashing computer will
take you down!

Find out more about the Pocket Drive at:

All the Best,

Rob Schultz
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