The Case IS NOT Closed!
Using DVD Cases for Your Audio Products Can Actually INCREASE Your Sales!

Its amazing how cheap CD packaging supplies have become. I can run down to Office Depot and pick up 100 slimline jewel cases for $29.95 or even as low as $24.95. That’s less than a quarter a case!

But I’ve got a hot tip for you. If you’re selling an information product – as opposed to music –
spend a bit more money so you can MAKE more money.

Let me explain.

One of the curious facts about CDs and DVDs is that they’re the exact same size. Which means that even if you’re creating an audio CD, you can use a DVD case to package them in.

Which is exactly what I’d recommend.

Now, you might think I’m crazy because you're sure these DVD cases are much more expensive than CD cases. That used to be so.


The price of these DVD cases are now competitive with
the smaller, less impressive CD jewel cases I had
been using.

A few brief cautions on this:

Online retailers like Discmakers.com or Polyline will give you a much better deal that Brick and Mortar stores like Staples or Best Buy.

And you must buy your cases in bulk to receive the
savings - usually in lots of 50 to 100. If all you need
are 5 or 10, you're going to have to buy them at a brick and mortar store and pay a premium.

However, its worth it.

Because what DVD cases give you is the perception of a much more substantial product. They’re larger, heavier, and people associate them with motion pictures, which usually sell at a higher price point. Since the labeling area is larger, you can really go to town with something that will look really compelling for back-of-the-room sales.

Even though the actual product (the CD) doesn’t change, a more substantial package leads to the perception of more substantial content in the eyes of your customers. And that perception may lead to an increase in sales which will FAR offset the extra you paid for the cases.

Because in sales,
perception is EVERYTHING.

Now understand here, we’re not talking about hoodwinking your customers. You’re still giving them phenomenal value. Its just that with today’s skeptical buyers your quality products need all the help they can get. And it would be a shame that someone would bypass your product simply because your packaging gave them the wrong impression.

Yes, all this sounds pretty superficial.

But what I’d like you to take away is that when it comes to selling your audio products, any edge you can find is a welcome one.

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