Chop! Chop! And Customers Will Love You! Don't Make Listeners Search for Your Content Create Your Recording in Shorter Segments

For a finished CD, its often wise recording in smaller segments -- called tracks -- than one continuous program-length recording.

This is similar to music CDs, in which the separate songs make up separate segmentson the CD.

Imagine what a pain it would be if, to access a specific song, you needed to fast forward through the entire CD, stopping and starting over and over until you found your song? By arranging the content in tracks, you can move through the CD quickly right to the song you want.

Its a similar process with your spoken word content. By recording and saving your content into separate sequential audio files (rather than one long recording), most CD burning software will allow you to burn the files into tracks, similar to the way a music CD has separate, easily accessible songs.

CD burning software also allows you to set the pause interval between the tracks to zero secondS, meaning there will be NO DISCERNIBLE PAUSE between your tracks when playing the CD.

So, you get the best of both worlds:

A CD that SOUNDS LIKE one continuous presentation when played, but one which allows your listeners to access specific sections of your information more quickly and easily.

Simply create your material (whether you're writing it or working of an outline) as several separate sequential segments. Meaning when played end-to-end, they flow like
one presentation.

Then record each of these segments separately, and save them as separate sound files. That's all a song on a CD is . . . a separate sound file!

Then when you burn them onto your CD, simply arrange them in the sequence you want, and set the interval between the various segments to 0 seconds.

But Rob . . . what if I'm recording a live presentation? In front of an audience?

We'll discuss that in a future tip!

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