Test Your Equpment Before Its Too Late: Protect Your Gadget Investment By Trying Them Out Before the Return Period Expires

As you begin to put together your home recording studio, you're faced with a ton of choices, alternatives and products. So you may find yourself on the precipice of trying a piece of equipment - digital voice recorder, sound card -- that you have 'discovered' on the web or through word of mouth.

Sounds great -- except for the fact you don't know if it will measure up to your standards.

To safeguard your productions (and your wallet!) here is what I recommend:

Investigate The Return Policy Before You Buy

Whether purchasing on-line or from a retail store, find out the return/refund policy of your merchant BEFORE you buy. 7 days? 30 days? No questions asked? Defective products only? Refund, exchange or both?

When you are clear that you can (or can't) return or exchange an item that doesn't meet your standards, it can make your buying decisions SOOOO much easier, and may even help you to decide who to buy from.

Fully Test Your Purchase BEFORE The Return
Period Expires

You don't need your full script to test your equipment. Its fine to go with your best 5 or ten minutes or even improvise. But shortly after your equipment arrives in the mail (or after you bring it home from the store) hook it up and put it through its paces. Be sure to test it in ALL situations where you will require it to perform in the future - recording voice, music, audience or group situations. If its impossible to do this in an actual situation - recording a conference or small group - try setting up a test situation simulating the conditions of your actual venue.

What this means is you will need to have everything ready for your test recording situation BEFORE you buy, so you can get it done before the return period runs out.

The idea is to make SURE you will be able to use your equipment HAPPILY for a long time. And if not, that you can return or exchange it for something you can.

This may seem obvious. But you'd be surprised how easy it is to skip over, in the rush of everyday life, or in the excitement over buying what seems like a piece of 'dream' equipment. Protect yourself! Before you buy, set up the time to fully test your new purchase when it arrives. It will save you money and alot of frustration!

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